What is Conventionality?

Conventionality measures the importance one places on traditions and rules.  More specifically, Conventionality measures how one feels about the importance of societal norms, traditions, rules, including the adherence to same.  Conventionality plays a role in team cohesion and other team dynamics.

 Why is it important?

Conventionality is important in distinguishing athletes who tend to naturally identify with and embrace the guidelines, rules and policies of the program or coach versus athletes less likely to accept these without an explanation. Conventionality is the most important factor for determining how coachable the athlete is in situations away from actual competition or practice, such as team meetings, adherence to team policy, etc.

 A higher score means...

Individuals with a higher score in Conventionality believe that rules and norms are important for society, that they were put in place by people in authority for a good reason, and that they should be followed.

 Higher scoring athletes think and act...

● Wants firm rules and policies in place

● Desires that everyone conforms to norms, dislikes “rebels”

● Sees things as black/white or right/wrong.  Does not like ambiguity or gray areas

● Looks up to authority.  Coach needs to be more of a (strict) father-figure than a peer or (warm) big brother type

● Likes tradition, ceremony and a respect for the history of the team/program


 A lower score means...

Those with a modest score in Conventionality will see rules as mere suggestions, guidelines, or in some extreme cases, they ignore rules altogether.  A low level of Conventionality can also be a signal that the athlete wants to go against the grain or buck the system even when the system or process has been proven to be successful.

 Lower scoring athletes think and act...

● Needs an explanation for why there is a certain team/program rule

● Feels the coach needs to tolerate differences and make exceptions to rules under unique circumstances

● Does not like pressure to conform from peers or authority

● Can easily rationalize or justify why it is okay to bend (make an exception to) rule to suit them

● Believes in challenging authority, tradition, society norms


How to improve Conventionality


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